SolidLab Flanders investigated the data providers’ willingness to grant control over personal data to data subjects, aiming to understand the business factors influencing their decisions. Through interviews, and an Analytical Hierarchical Processing analysis, it identifies and prioritizes  key dimensions affecting data control decisions. This way we propose dynamic ecosystem setups to encourage data control granting. Report is available here.

As Solid is still a relatively new concept to most (UX)-designers and developers, we conducted a series of 12 interviews to identify the needs and hurdles these early movers bump upon. (Research conducted by Tim Theys (Mict) & August Bourgeus (Smit))

SolidLab Flanders conducted 13 expert interviews with representatives of public organizations active in Flanders. Based on uncovered public sector drivers, barriers, and ecosystem preconditions, for Solid-enabled PDS adoption, we derived a series of concrete recommendations for personal data space ecosystem orchestrators. Full report is available here.

“Read the second edition of the imec ‘SolidMonitor’; an annually recurring survey to keep informed about privacy and data issues faced by Flemish people, as well as about the adoption potential of Solid and personal data vaults. Full report is available here  (read the first edition). Interested in knowing your own imec.yourdataprofile? Answer twelve questions and discover which of the profiles derived from the SolidMonitor suits you best!