Open Source

Everything we research & prototype in SolidLab will be Open Sourced and White Papered to bootstrap and maximise Solid’s uptake across all Flander’s stakeholders and beyond. The different components will be developed in an agile way always showcasing new functionality based on the chosen Use Cases we are working on the next couple of years. These challenges (past, current, and future) can be found & updated at

SolidLab will continue working on following Open Source libraries, i.e., 

  1. Community Solid Server (CSS) ( as a reference implementation of the Solid Specification ( to provide you with a Solid Pod with identity
  2. Comunica ( as a client side library for efficient and flexible decentralised knowledge graph querying (on top of Solid Pods)
  3. # SDKs to link to proprietary back-end systems bootstrapping use & to build future proof Apps (based on data integration without the use of APIs)
  4. Build an automatic Test Framework to test Spec Compliance
  5. Build an automatic Test Framework to stress test Performance & Liabilities 

Latest Releases:

Older Releases: